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Vending Machines And Water Filtration Service In Villa Rica

Villa Rica’s Supplier of Quality Vending Equipment and Products

Increase Villa Rica productivity and morale with a vending machine service from Elite Vending. Our lineup includes snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, beverage vending machines and food vending machines. This includes either Coke or Pepsi vending machines as well as vending machines specializing in healthy foods. Vending machines are installed for free, and include the latest in vending machine technologies. Ask about cashless payment and touchless operation. Also, we can remotely monitor your inventory, allowing us to pre-kit our delivery trucks with only the items you need in your Villa Rica office.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration in Villa Rica

An office coffee service would be great for your Villa Rica office, and Elite Vending is ready to supply it. We are known for our wide range of brewing machines, including single-cup brewers as well as more traditional pour over coffee brewers. There is nothing traditional about the technology and our Villa Rica office coffee service. All our brewing machines feature commercial-duty construction and the ability to adjust how your hot beverages are brewed. We will regularly return to your Villa Rica office to resupply teas, coffees, and other hot beverages. When we do, we will also stock other break room staples, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers.

Need a better water source in Villa Rica? You don’t have to go with a water delivery service. Instead, let Elite Vending serve you with our office water filtration service. These water filters connect directly to the water supply, removing the impurities the problem. These plumbed-in units are available in counter top and floor standing models. All you need to do is push a button for filtered hot or cold water.

Office Coffee And Micro-markets In Villa Rica

Call Us for Your Villa Rica Micro-Market

There is nothing quite like a Micro-Market – and Elite Vending can put one in any Villa Rica office. Think of a Micro-Market like a little corner store. You can enjoy many different products that you wouldn’t expect from a vending service, all displayed within attractive racks and coolers. The convenience of being able to find snacks, beverages and food items right in the office is part of what makes a Villa Rica Micro-Market great. Furthermore, each one has a self-checkout kiosk, allowing employees to handle the transactions themselves. Just swiped a credit card or debit card and enjoy. Your Villa Rica Micro-Market can stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So no matter who’s at the office – and when – they can all enjoy the Micro-Market.

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