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Refreshment Tech Servicing one of our front glass modelsFood service vending technologies are changing as fast as computers because they are computers! ELITE vending offers state-of-the-art technology from Coke and Pepsi as well as snack machines of all different sizes to maximize your area and potential. Do you have a limited space for your food service needs? With all the advances in vending sizes and combinations of drink and snack we can find a solution that works for you.

Pepsi and Coke Glass Front Vending Machines
The new craze in vending is the glass front vending machines most popular with Pepsi and Coke. But other brands use these glass front machines as well. They appeal to the customer more as all the products perfectly lighted and can be seen in all their branded glory. The machine does a nifty dispensing trick the consumer gets to watch as the robotic arm delivers the product purchased right in front of them. The machines make the soda look tastier and the water more refreshing. Product variety is also greatly increased, as this machine markets up to 40 selections! And it boosts sales! ELITE Vending Company of Atlanta would like to put one or more of these great front glass machines in your location.  Please give us a call right now (678) 247-5328 and we can tell you more about Front Glass Vending machines and other great new items.

Atlanta Bottled Water Vending Machines
Bottle drinking water, and flavored water, has been on the rise for 2 decades.  It has often outselling soda in some locations. We have dedicated branded 20oz water vending machines that can be placed inside or outside. They tell the temperature of the water bottles inside and take credit cards.  H2O sells!

Click Below to Some Of Our High Tech Vending Machines Video.

Technology is Moving Fast
Our vending machines are so advanced they can keep inventory for all our different vending programs, they can have cellular tracking where we can know exactly what has been sold and what is needed to be restocked. We have a program called BlackBoard that works with local Georgia College vending machines and the student’s college I.D.’s as a vending debit card. Our machines can change up to $20 bills and accept credit cards with multiple transactions.  Our snack vending machines are so advanced that should the desired product not drop, another will be selected in its place, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

You will see more and more vending machines with touch screens. Soon they will all accept wireless transfers from cell phones as they already do in many parts of Europe. And food products are just the beginning. In Japan you can literally find just about anything for sell in a vending machine. Vending machines are being the new instant faster than fast convenience store. And we here at ELITE Vending are on top of the curve to meet our customers growing needs.

Thank You For Your Business

ELITE’s would like you to call now for a FREE no-obligation consultation to place a glass front coke machine at your location.  Please call (678) 247-5328 and we can talk about some new vending technology solutions free of charge to you.  Or click here to now.


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