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Food vending machines, water filtration service, and office coffee in Rockmart

Your Rockmart Vending Services Just Got Better

Increase your Rockmart employee morale with state of the art food, beverage and snack vending machines. Rockmart vending machines are easily customizable and can house your employees local and national favorites. Healthy alternatives such as nuts and granola bars are available too, creating peace of mind while making smart decisions!

Each of our Rockmart vending machines is equipped with advanced technology. Employees will never have to worry about cash on hand as our snack, beverage and food vending machines accept mobile app payment and debit/credit cards. In addition, our vending machines are connected online, allowing us to receive real-time updates and always be aware of what products you need!

High Quality Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Rockmart

Keeping your employees energized and hydrated at work has never been easier than with Elite Vending. No matter the size of your business, we have a coffee brewing machine that will work perfectly for your Rockmart employees. From more traditional brewing systems to single cup options, we have something for everyone! We offer many flavors of coffee and want to make your coffee service experience as stress free as possible. We can help restock your Rockmart break rooms with all the supplies you need for a perfect cup of morning coffee!

Is your tap water in your Rockmart break room drinkable? If not, we offer top of the line water filtration service. Add a floor standing or counter top model to your Rockmart breakroom and supply endless amounts of hot and cold water to employees throughout the work day!

Self-serve micro-markets in Rockmart

Rockmart Micro-Markets Keep Employees Inspired at Work

How convenient would it be to have your own mini store on-site? At Elite Vending, we can help you create a custom micro-market, complete with racks, coolers and a beautiful display that will wow your Rockmart customers. Fill the shelves and coolers with healthy snacks, fresh salads, fruits and
amazing beverages!

Our Rockmart micro-markets allow employees to check out independently with our cashless kiosks. Markets are monitored and open 24/7 for early mornings, late evenings and busy work days when you need to grab a quick, but delicious meal!

Helping improve your Rockmart break room service today! Call or email us at 678-247-5328 or

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