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Micro-markets are the next level of refreshment for Atlanta break rooms

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Simple kiosk

Employees scan and pay for their desired items at the easy-to-use self-checkout kiosk in the micro-market.

More nutritious options

Glass coolers and open shelves provide more room for products, including better-for-you alternatives.

Fully customizable

The micro-market solution can be adjusted to fit your space, size, decor, product requests, and more.

Add delicious, ready-to-serve meals to your custom micro-market today! Your Atlanta employees will love the freshness and convenience of these grab + go meals.

Explore your healthy options today!
Reliable security

Cameras digitally record everything that happens in the micro-market to provide peace of mind. All records are time and date stamped in case there is ever a need to review an event.

Online tracking

Micro-markets are connected online, automating the process of ordering more products. The process allows review of real-time sales reports and users to communicate directly with us about issues or product requests.

Fast and secure

The kiosk includes the latest enhancements including intuitive touchscreen interface and encryption software to protect data. There are no exposed ports for downloading information and accounts are regularly monitored for breaches.

Impress employees with a micro-market in your Atlanta break room serviced by Elite Vending at (678)247-5328;

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