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Health and Safety
Health & Wellness

Health + Safety Practices

Your employee’s health and safety matters to us! So, as break room expectations change and evolve, so will we.

Health and wellness in Atlanta

As we move forward, we will be following all
CDC guidelines to keep your employees safe.

We will monitor symptoms daily and perform temperature checks before employees enter our building.

In our warehouse and delivery vehicles, we will continue to thoroughly and frequently sanitize all surfaces.

All employees will practice social distancing, hand washing, and wear face masks while in our facilities and in your break room.

Every time we service your break room, we will sanitize all kiosks, coffee machines, vending screens, and touch-pads.

Technology has allowed our break rooms to thrive during this time.

Mobile payment options allow your employees to pay for their meals in our micro-market or vending machines without having any contact.

Micro-markets can be open 24/7 for employees working any shift and give your employees access to real meals - reducing the need to go off-site for refreshments.

Real-time data allows us to manage your break room inventory remotely, enabling us to minimize the number of trips we make to your break room.

Looking to upgrade your health and safety practices in your break room? Contact Elite Vending at (678)247-5328; for more information!

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