Fresh Food Machines

Elite Vending would love the opportunity to provide fresh food options to your staff. We would be happy to provide you fresh sandwiches and many other items as a part of our free vending program. We offer many brands and quite a selection of breakfast and lunch items that your employees may enjoy, right in your break area. 

Does your staff have limited lunch times?
Do you work on projects during lunch or even eat at your desk? The high expectations of employers in today's market can be so demanding that you do not have time to leave the office. We have a great selection of fresh food dated products that are affordable for every meal. Multiple packing sizes of drink selections are also available, including sodas, bottled water, cold coffee selections, energy dinks, sports drinks, juices, and others.

Here's A Small List Of A Few Of Our Fresh A Frozen Refrigerated Items We Offer:

We also have dry snack machines, providing your choice in chips, crackers, candy items, cookies, pastries, and others. You can have a snack or a full meal right at your desk and never leave your facility. Healthy items, such as salads are also available in your break room area. Here's some name brands we offer of fresh and frozen products:

Easy Mac Cup
Turkey/Dressing Meal Box
Salisbury Steak Meal Box
Hormel Beef Stew Box
Chicken & Dumplings Box
Hormel Chili/Beans Micro
Hormel Beef Stew Micro
Noodles Cup Chicken Cup Oatmeal Express Cinnamon Roll
Oatmeal Express Brown Sugar
Grits Express Butter Flavor
Shamrock Farms Rocking Refuel Lf Vanilla
Shamrock Farms Rocking Refuel Chocolate
Shamrock Farms Rocking Refuel Strawberry
Waffle N Sausage Sandwich  
Steak Biscuit
Don Mig Chicken Pot Pie  
Don Mig Chicken Chimichanga
Don Mig Burrito
Don Mig Taco Boat 
Ms. Smith’s Pecan Pie  
Fresh Choice Ham Cheese
Fresh Choice Grilled Chicken  
Fresh Choice Ham Cheese
Fresh Choice Country Fried Steak
Fresh Choice Chicken Finger Cheese 
Fresh Choice Pork Chop
Fresh Choice  Cheese Steak  
Fresh Choice Double Cheese Burger
Fresh Choice Patty Melt
Pierre Chicken Cordon Bleu
Tony's 4x6 Pepp Pizza  (Rectangular)
White Castle Cheeseburger
White Castle Jalapeño Cheeseburger
White Castle Sausage Egg Cheese
Pierre Hot And Spicy Wings    
State Fair Corndogs

Fresh Choice Chicken Cordon Bleu 
Fresh Choice BBQ Sandwich  
Super Po Boy 
Pierre Bacon Egg Cz Sandwich 
Rudy Sausage Biscuit Twin  
Blazin Hot Sausage Twin 
Sausage Egg Cz Croissant 
Fast Bite BBQ  
Caesar Chicken Sandwich 
BBQ Chicken Sandwich 
Mushroom Charbroil  
Jalapeño Cheeseburger  
Meatloaf Sandwich  
Tony’s Pizza  
Corn Dog  
White Castle  
Edwards Turtle Pie 
Mama Rosa Supreme Pizza  
Sausage Egg Cheese Muffin  
Lemon Marangue Pie
Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit 
Red Hot Sandwich 
Flatbread ham egg cheese 
Spicy Beef Burrito 
Nathans beef Hot Dog 
Sausage and Egg Burrito White Hot Pocket Pepperoni        
Hot Pocket Ham Cheese
Hot Pocket Meatball Mozzarella
Ga Sandwich Double Cheeseburger    
Pierre Hot And Spicy Wings    
State Fair Corndogs
Hood Whole Milk 
4 Hombres Red Hot Beef Burrito 4oz
Don Mcguire Red Hot Burrito
Fresh Choice BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Fresh Choice Breaded Pork Chop Sand
Fresh Choice Mushroom Beef Burger Cheese
Fresh Choice Caesar Chicken Sandwich
Ga Sandwich Spicy Chickenfinger W Cheese
Ga Sandwich Jalapeño Cheese Stk Hoagie
Pierre Chicken Cordon Bleu
Tony's 4x6 Pepp Pizza  (Rectangular)
White Castle Cheeseburger
White Castle Jalapeño Cheeseburger
White Castle Sausage Egg Cheese
Pierre Hot And Spicy Wings    
State Fair Corndogs  


We would love to make you one of our long lasting satisfied customers. Please call now for a no-obligation consultation at (678) 247-5328.


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