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Vending machines and office coffee service in College Park

College Park’s Leading Supplier of Vending Machines

Snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines, food vending machines – Elite Vending has them for your College Park location. We have the vending machines you’re looking for with the most technological advances, such as cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. And our product selection is second to none. Even if we don’t have items you want, we are willing to get them for you. With our remote monitoring system we can track product inventories before even leaving the warehouse so you are always stocked with products you enjoy.

We Have the Office Coffee and Water Filtration Systems Ideal for College Park

If you want an office coffee service for your College Park office, Elite Vending is the company to see. We have traditional pour over brewers to the latest in single-cup coffee machines. Not sure what to choose? We have the experience to help you. Whatever you choose, we’ll support your office coffee program with a wide variety of hot beverage choices. And we’ll take care of your other break room needs too for your College Park office. When you need stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters, creamers or sweeteners, we have them on hand and ready to stock. Why shop for these yourself when we can just add them to your regular coffee and tea deliveries?

Having trouble with your College Park office water quality? We have a solution. Our water filtration service uses water filters that can plumb right into your water supply. Available in floor standing and tabletop units, these filters remove the impurities causing the problems in the first place. With a push of a button, better tasting water is served…hot or cold.

College Park self-serve micro-markets

College Park’s Source for Micro-Markets

Have you seen what a Micro-Market can do for your College Park operation? Elite Vending can work with you to set up a portion of your break room to transform into a small corner store. No matter what the size of the space, we can assemble a store with attractive displays, racks and coolers – and then we fill them with your choice of many unique food, beverage and snack options. How are transactions handled? Self-checkout kiosks integrated into the store environment let customers handle the transactions themselves. Furthermore, because no one needs to run the store, it can stay open whenever needed…24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get the right vending for your unique operation. Call Elite Vending at 678-247-5328 or send an e-mail to

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