Coffee Equipment

Elite Vending has been providing coffee equipment service throughout Atlanta and North West Georgia for years. We provide top of the line, high tech coffee equipment from the makers of Newco and Keurig. We also carry coffee vending machines.

Thank You For Your Business

Atlanta Coffee Equipment Rentals
We provide several coffee equipment services. We have programs where you do nothing other than give us a call and we will come out and install the desired equipment, stock the machines with supplies and condiments and service it regularly. Or your office may want to just rent machines from Elite and purchase your own product. Call us and we can design the most economical fit for your needs that saves you time, makes your business look more professional, and provides your employees and important visitors with a great cup of Joe.

Atlanta Keurig Machines in the OfficeKeurig For The Office
Why not give your staff and visitors their choice of beverage every time they need a pick-me-up? How can you make someone feel more special than that? We carry the amazing Keurig Coffee Maker and we can place one in your office, school, police station, doctor's office or car repair center. Let your visitors enjoy a person choice with the one-cup coffee system. It will make them smile.

Newco Machines
Newco has the largest inventory of coffee office machines. We carry Newco machines that do everything from single-cup brewing like the Keurig to traditional open pot brewing and so many coffee options in between. Newco makes grinders that grind whole beans before each brew. They carry airpots that are so important during those long meetings to keep that coffee hot and ready in the boardroom. Newco manufactures cartridge machines that make wonderful latte, hot coco, strong shot of espresso, cappuccino, and much more instantly.

Atlanta Coffee Service Newco Machines

Coffee Vending Machines
Elite Vending Company also offers coffee vending machines for any location. We set coffee vending machines in hospitals, warehouses, large corporate break rooms, airport terminals, other larger more public areas. Our coffee vendors can vend all types of coffee and coffee specialties. They can be equipped to take large bills and credit cards too.

Need the best cup of Joe in Atlanta? Please click to contact us for no-obligation coffee equipment consultation or call now at (678) 247-5328. Let’s get brewing.


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