5 Benefits of an Atlanta Water Service

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How can a water service help your company? For starters, it can boost your employee’s overall health. But did you know that it can also increase productivity and employee satisfaction? Yep, that’s right! By adding an Atlanta water filtration service to your office, it will help your team conquer their workday! Still not convinced? Here … Read more

3 Healthy Beverage Options to Keep in Atlanta Break Rooms

Healthy Beverage Choices | Atlanta Vending | Healthy Products | Refreshment Options

Not sure what kinds of drinks to supply in your Atlanta office break room? The best place to start is with nutritious and healthy beverage options. Employees need the proper nutrients and energy to keep them focused and on track throughout the workday. Stock your break rooms with items like tea, flavored water, and other … Read more

5 Tips to Help Atlanta Employees Maintain Their New Year’s Health Resolutions All Year Long

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While the start of a New Year is a wonderful time for reflection and to set new health intentions, many abandon these health goals shortly after starting. Businesses in Atlanta can help employees maintain their fitness and wellness goals all year long by setting them up for success in the break room. Whether your staff … Read more