Benefits of a Micro-Market in Atlanta

Micro-market benefits in Atlanta

Do you wish you could offer your employees something bigger than vending machines in the break room? A micro-market is the perfect solution. It offers a wider range of snacks, beverages, and fresh food in open-front coolers and on free-standing racks. Your break room will become a welcoming space for everyone. Here are three reasons … Read more

Office Coffee Service Evolves in Atlanta

Coffee Service in Atlanta

Have you ever considered what the workday would be like without office coffee service? No? Well, neither have I. And Atlanta employers don’t want to see that happen either. Today, employers have a lot of break room options to consider. For example, which would be a better fit: vending machines or a micro-market?  And coffee … Read more

Snacks in Atlanta Are Multi-Purpose

Snacks in Atlanta

What do you think of when you think about snacks? Is it about something sweet or salty that you enjoy between meals? Or maybe it’s something a bit healthier that is enjoyed instead of a traditional meal. Today, Atlanta employees have a lot of options for meeting their daily caloric and hydration needs, and snacks … Read more

Tea Delights Atlanta Employees

Tea in Atlanta

The word tea often conjures up many different images—hot, iced, loose, bagged, black, green, oolong, and the list goes on. It’s not surprising then that tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. In the U.S., 80 percent of households have some variety in their pantry. In people terms, that … Read more

Meet the Gluten-Free Snack Atlanta

Snack Atlanta

Place yourself in this scenario. You’re in the mood for a snack, but you’re at work. Do you have to go off-site to grab something to eat? Thankfully, no, you don’t. The break room vending machine at your place of employment offers snacks and fresh food that meet various dietary requirements such as Celiac Disease … Read more

Atlanta Employees and the New Break Room

Atlanta Employees and the Break Room

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Atlanta businesses has been immense. Employees are contending with change even more frequently than before. And while the challenges are difficult for everyone, employers can examine one aspect or location as employees return to the workplace—the state of the break room. Independent of the break room’s current arrangement—a … Read more

Technology Supports Atlanta Break Rooms

Technology in Atlanta Break Rooms

Offering Atlanta employees vending equipment with state-of-the-art technology in the break room has always been important. However, the changes to how individuals live and work in 2020 has produced a new understanding about how vending machine technology can support hygienic, socially distanced, and contactless interactions. As employers deal with the impact from the coronavirus on … Read more

Fall Beverages Entice Atlanta with Delicious Flavors

Fall Beverages Entice Atlanta

The arrival of autumn in Atlanta means more than falling leaves, pumpkins, and cooler weather. Beverages with distinctly fall flavors also make their appearance. Since many of these delicious flavors including hot mulled apple cider and pumpkin spiced everything only seem to appear in September and leave by November, it’s a great time to take … Read more

Breakfast Offers Atlanta Individuals Benefits

Breakfast in Atlanta Break Rooms

Do you ever skip breakfast? If your answer is yes, you aren’t alone. According to a recent study performed by Kellogg, approximately two-thirds or 9,300 of the 14,000 participants weren’t able to fit the morning meal into their schedule even though just over half of the participants said they wanted to. There is definitely a … Read more

Seven Fun Ways to Reduce Stress in Atlanta

Reduce Stress in Atlanta

Stress is something everyone has to deal with but being stressed out doesn’t automatically mean that something negative happened. Sometimes stress is connected to a positive event like a new job or a move. Even if a specific event is positive, it’s still important to understand how to release the chemicals in the body that … Read more