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Austell office coffee services and vending machines

Austell Office Get Their State-of-the-Art Vending Machines Here

Elite Vending is known for providing the latest, state-of-the-art vending machines to Austell area businesses. We have all types of vending machines. Select between snack vending machines, soda vending machines (Coke/Pepsi), food vending machines and coffee vending machine. Though some of our vending machines may serve up traditional fare, none of our vending equipment offer traditional technologically. Our vending machines feature such advanced features as cashless vending, guaranteed product delivery and remote inventory management. As long as your vending machines are connected to wi-fi, we can see inside them remotely to determine what needs restocking, and perhaps what needs replacing due to lack of sales.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Installed in Austell

Getting quality coffee in Austell isn’t hard, put it right in your office with an office coffee service from Elite Vending. We offer the coffees and teas that people prefer, and the brewers that can make them best. Our coffee brewers range from smaller single-cup brewers to pour-overs and pot brewers that can make higher volumes. Our coffee machines feature the latest technologies, which allow drinkers to adjust brewing parameters to cater to their unique tastes. Ask about our other abilities to serve you, such as managing your break room supplies. We’re happy to bring stir sticks, napkins, cups, plates, creamers and other break room needs when we resupply your drinks.

Elite Vending also offers water filtration systems for your Austell breakroom. An alternative to water delivery services, our water filtration units plumb into your water supply to remove the impurities that can cause poor taste. The filtration unit includes simple spigots for both hot and cold water.

Micro-markets and self-serve kiosks in Austell

Austell’s Micro-Market Builder

If you’ve ever imagined putting a small convenience store in your Austell office…stop dreaming and call Elite Vending. A Micro-Market is made up of coolers, racks and displays installed in your available office space. Then the store is filled with your choice of hundreds of snacks, drinks and food items, including healthier, fresh items like salads, fruit and dairy items. Customers are able to browse the items in the store, picking them up and inspecting if they want, and then can bring their selections to the integrated self-checkout kiosks. Each kiosk is internet connected, so we can track your inventory remotely, which allows us to support you best. Stores are always open – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn more about Elite Vending’s “elite” level of vending services. Contact us at 678-247-5328 or e-mail

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