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ELITE’s Atlanta Office Coffee Service offers a large variety of brands and selections of coffee equipment to maximize the benefits of setting up a self serve coffee house in your break room. Providing complimentary coffees and teas in your business not only is a benefit to your employees but a welcome service to your potential visiting clients and customers. Let ELITE design your break room at no charge. Call us now to get started (678) 247-5328.

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Office Coffee Shop Design
ELITE can design your in-house office coffee shop with the new craze of self-serve single cup brewers; the top selling one in the industry is called the Keurig Coffee Maker. We have some of the most professional lines of single cup brew machines Georgia can offer. We have huge varieties of dark to mild breakfast coffees and teas, decaf coffee, hot chocolates, cappuccino, and spiced hot ciders. Single cup coffee equipment can give custom flavors in an instant. Talk about a happy, impressed employee or visitor.

Office Coffee Machines
We also carry a full line of open pot brew and drip machines. These machines can be stocked with customized coffee selections that please your employees’ tastes, awakens their spirits, feel more professional and can make them more productive at work. Plus with an in-house dedicated coffee area you give your employees safe controlled areas for breaks and socialization, where they don’t have to venture out on long trips to find a hot beverage. It’s waiting right there for them free of charge!


Affordable Coffee Service
ELITE coffee delivery service also offers single airpots insulated coffee pots for meetings. Your company will find these coffee pods invaluable almost everyday.  Think about how many meetings your company has every week?  Then think about how much Dunkin Donuts or Einstein Bagels charges for a box of coffee for your meetings? With our thermal decanter units called “airpots” you select the brand of coffee, have guaranteed hot coffee in minutes and pay pennies on the dollar what compared to big bagel or donut chain. We supply the coffee, teas, filters, cups, lids, creamer, sugar and low calorie sweeteners, stirrers, and you get to the business. 

Coffee Vending Machines
Our local North Georgia Coffee Vending services can also set coffee vending machines in your hospital, warehouse, or other common areas. These machines are completely stocked, maintained, updated at no charge to you. Next to the coffee vending machines we can add food service machines of your choosing to complete a full line of snack and candy options. All you need to do is give us a call to get started.

How Do I Get An Energy Drink Machine in My Office?
Younger employee might prefer an energy drink in the morning or afternoon to a cup of coffee. Some employers are offering energy drink vending machines or machines that include energy drinks. ELITE offers a wide variety of the most popular energy drinks from Coke and Pepsi. Monster Energy, Rock Star, Amp, SoBe Rx, and Full Throttle are some our most popular.

What is the cheapest Coffee Service in Atlanta? ELITE Vending Company would like to design an in-house office coffee shop free of charge for your business. Please call for a no-obligation quick meeting at (678) 247-5328 or request a free quote by clicking here.



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Keep Calm and Brew On Atlanta.  We Bring You the Finest Coffee Equipment and the Best Tasting Coffees and Teas Straight to Your Location. Our Refreshment Technicicans are here to optimize your vending program with Signature Customer Service

Interesting Coffee Facts:

New Yorkers drink more coffee than any other state in the U.S. Nearly seven times as much as the closest other state.

Did you know that coffee is really part of a berrry? Its the pit of the berry. The best dried part!

Voltaire, a French Philoshopher, drank fifty cups pf joe a day. I bet he was ready to think all day long.

In the United States, Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee commerically.

Drinking coffee after drinking alcohol can not and will not make it any safer for you to drive or do anything stupid. Stupid.

Teddy Roosevelt drank a gallon a day. Coffee Cowboy.


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