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Elite Vending Company's Customer Service, High Tech Machines, Product Flexibility, and Premium Brand Names make us Atlanta's choice for vending machines, coffee service, and bottle-less water fileration systems.

Is that not enough to make you curious to call right now and set up a free, no-obligation vending consultation?  Call us or email Elite Vending of Atlanta right now at (678) 247-5328.  We will come out to your place of business to discuss your unique situation to fully understand your food service needs.

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What does a great service history mean to you as a potential customer? It means Elite Vending Company gives each and every client our Signature Service Promise that guarantees satisfaction from day one. Our team of fully trained refreshment technicians has a combined record of excellence for over 100 years in the Atlanta area. We mix old fashion local service with the best modern technology, quality products, customizable break rooms, and flexible vending programs that are designed to make you and your students, employees, residents, tenants and other people happy.

Line of Break Room Vending Machines

Our Vending Solution Areas
ELITE Vending Company is family owned and operated by Joshua Matthews that has been in the Atlanta Food Service business for over 17 years. We are fully insured empowering us to provide vending services to any size business, school, college, hotel, car dealership, factory and warehouse, manufacturing plant, apartment common area, public access location, retail store, park, hospital, truck stop, government facility and more. We even work with colleges to sync with their college I.D. plans.

Helping to Deliver Healthy Choices through Atlanta:

Vending Products
Elite Vending offers a wide variety of plans and snack product options. We carry, deliver, and stock everything from filtered water coolers, single cup coffee to just about any other coffee service you can imagine. We carry every Coke and Pepsi product from Cherry Coke Zero to Coca-Cola to Sprite, Powerade and even Energy Drinks like Full Throttle to specialized customers. We have Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Pepsi One and Diet Mt. Dew. We carry many different bottled waters like Dasani and Aquafina. Our Snack and Candy Vending list of products are endless from Baked Lays to Pretzels and Pastries to Cheetos and other chips.  We carry the full line of Mars and Hershey candy products as well as mints and chewing gums such as lifesavers. And we also offer our popular healthy school “3PointO-HealthU” Snack Program. ELITE Vending Company of Atlanta will come out to your school and tell you how you and your students can win-win.


Vending Plans
Our most popular plans include Free Vending Service, Subsidized Service and Commissioned Based – Profit Share Programs. 

But no matter what vending service you choose, we will provide you with the highest standards in the industry, most current products, clean machines, and quality, prompt service.

So have we convinced you to at least give us one call?  What is the best vending company in Atlanta?  Call now or email us to find out. (678) 247-5328

We care about our children's nutrition. Elite's Atlanta Vending cares about kids snacks. Read more at Atlanta Smart Snacks in school and the National Smart Snacks in School and Healthier School Day. American Beverage Association. The Wall Street Journal. The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition and the Coalition of delivering Choices for School Snacks.


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