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Health & Wellness

Atlanta’s full service vending and office coffee service experts.

Technologically advanced vending machines filled with an ideal mix of snacks, healthy items, food, and beverages.

We can create a complete break room solution for your Atlanta business.

Local source for vending machines, micro-markets, and office coffee service.

Create the type of high-caliber break room that breeds loyal employees. Provide a place for needed breaks and refreshments that leads to impromptu collaboration and inspiration. You’ll have happier, more productively employees.

Healthy decisions made easy

Provide the tasty yet nutritious alternatives that empower employees to make healthy choices.

Create a unique break room

Customize your solution to include fresh food, traditional snacks, trendy beverages, and more.

Great break rooms start with quality equipment

We ensure that our Atlanta customers have the lastest vending technology, including guaranteed product delivery sensors and state-of-the-art cashless payment acceptance.

Innovative equipment

Buy with confidence thanks to our modern vending machines, coffee brewers, and micro-market kiosks.

Multiple payments

Make purchases your way, with cash, credit card, or even mobile device.

Connected technology

Enhance your break room experience with our wireless equipment and product inventory monitoring.

Tailored solutions

Discover the difference a unique mix of products and services can make at your Atlanta business.

Healthy options ahead of the crowd
From granola bars to bottled water, we offered healthy choices in Atlanta vending machines before it was fashionable.

Ensure your employees can get healthy grab and go food, snacks, and drinks any time they need. Our vending machines are full of the great-tasting alternatives that will impress employees and keep them energized.

Empower wellness
Hassle-free, freshly brewed coffee
Choose from our extensive line of coffees, including Atlanta-area favorites and well-known national brands.

From the first cup of the day to a late-afternoon need for caffeine, offering great coffee service is highly-valued by Atlanta employees. Ensure it’s complete by adding creamers and a variety of sweetener options.

Perk up productivity
Redefine your idea of vending machines with full service from Atlanta’s best provider — Elite Vending at (678)247-5328;

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